First a little history about me, I have had the pleasure of visiting and touring many places and for that I am grateful.

I have been in St Peters Cathedral in Regensburg before the restoration and we had a painting of the Cathedral and adjoining stone bridge (parts of the Cathedral and Bridge were built by brothers. There is a statue halfway across that is of the ‘Bridge’ brother stopping and looking back to see how the ‘Cathedral’ brother is doing). This painting was painted from our balcony. I have also been inside many Bavarian churches before they had been rebuilt from war damage.

The point is that there is great beauty and art that has been destroyed or fallen into ruin that will never be seen again (The Episcopal Monastery Mt Calvary in Santa Barbara burned to the ground November 14, 2008), and keeping that in mind, there is also great beauty today that will deteriorate or just can’t be seen by most. It for that reason that I have decided to provide this site.

There has been debate that HD panographs take away the need to visit. I feel that as good as they can be, nothing beats going there in person.

Please come back from time to time and enjoy what else I am fortunate enough to record.

Two of the first places I had the pleasure of doing panographs of were recently restored. St. Mary Parish had suffered considerable damage during the 1993 earthquake and the St Mary’s Cathedral had been recently restored to it’s original condition.

Working in these wonderful Churches just felt right. So here I am with what I created and I want to share it with anyone who can appreciate the wonders that have been Built on Faith.

What you see is is only a recording, the real appreciation and credit needs to be given to those that created through their own imagination, faith and dedication some true works of art.

Bill Jones